No Fees with Credit Union Accounts

Reduce Expenses with Free Checking Accounts
A recent survey found that in 2018, United States households paid more than $1 billion in monthly maintenance fees at the nation’s five largest banks.* Since credit unions are committed to service over profit, they are more likely to offer free checking accounts with no minimum balances. Members throughout Southern New Jersey and Pennsylvania are saving money each month by switching to a credit union checking account with no monthly maintenance charges and no hidden fees.
Save Money with Surcharge-Free ATMs

If you’re paying $2.50, $3.00, or even $5.00 each time you visit an ATM, you’re wasting money that could help add to your savings and help you reach your goals. Many credit unions offer access to a network of surcharge-free ATMs, helping members save money by avoiding unnecessary fees. To see an example of a surcharge-free ATM network in Southern New Jersey and Pennsylvania, click here.

*, August 2019